How God Makes Sense

Why God Allows Suffering

2. Why Does God Allow Suffering?  Recognize that this is a loaded question.

4. Laura Michelle. Our youngest daughter was born with a global congenital defect. She was never more than three or four months developmentally. Stacy and I cared for her ourselves for twenty-four years before she died suddenly. You can read about our story here.

5. Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People? In our case, Laura’s conception was not intentional. Bad things happen to “good” people. Matthew 5:45 – the sun rises on the good and the evil, the rain fails on the just and the unjust. Stacy and I weren’t doing bad stuff and Laura was certainly innocent.

7. Is God The Direct Cause of Our Suffering? Here are the word definitions from the Kohlenberg/Mounce concordance.

  • dominion: Gen 1:28; gk H8097 | s H7287   h∂d∂r   raœd≈aœh   23x v. [root of: 8099]. Q to rule over; H to cause to dominate.
  • dominion: Dan. 4:3; gk H10717 | s H7985   NDfVlDv   sûaœl§t√aœn n.m. [10715; 8950?]. dominion, power, authority.
  • calamity: gk H988 | s H928   hDlDhR;b   behaœlaœh   4x n.f. [987; 10096]. sudden terror; misfortune. (Notice here the context that suggests God is the primary cause of suffering.)

9. The Circle of Love. Draw a triangle between Love, Just, and Mercy, and that’s where believers reside. Psalms 85:10 tells us that Mercy kisses Justice and this is what Jesus did.

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