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I. Why Know What You Believe And Why You Believe It

A. Laura’s story

B. My reaction & my response to that reaction

II. Understanding Naturalism & Why It Is Important

A. We are called to be witnesses for Christ

B. We must constantly remind ourselves of what we believe

III. Understanding Different Spiritualistic Views

A. Non-personal Force

B. Polytheism

C. Dualism

D. Monotheism

III. How Science Fits Into This

A. What is Naturalism

1. Naturalis believes that all that exists has always existed and all that ever will exist

2. Evolution and naturalism

3. Understanding what scientific method is

a. What science can say

b. What science cannot say

B. What is the Big Bang Theory

1. Sudden expansion from a singular point

a. Time frames for the Big Bang

b. The four primary electromagnetic forces

2. Where that singular point is

3. Continued acceleration of all things is occurring but we don’t know into what

C. The Laws of Thermodynamics

1. Zero Law

2. First Law

3. Second Law

4. Fourth Law

D. Serious FLaws in Naturalism

1. The Laws of Thermodynamics do not apply until some short time after the Big Bang

2. The Laws of Thermodynamics are not apparently alwasy true

a. Continued acceleration of the universe

b. Dark mater – perhaps 80% of the universe

3. Evolution is not statitically viable

E. Something outside the singularity, i.e., a ‘force’ or ‘forces’

1. Is the force good or bad?

2. How many forces are there if there is not just one force



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