Still those of us who cling to God’s faithful promise of a changed nature, have done, and are doing bad things. We tend to compare our grains of life with the grains of those people around us as though we are scoring a school examination. This is as silly and foolish as would be to claim that pride is really a virtue.

How then should we really look at other Christians? We should try to spur one another on to make better grains of course. Crushing Christians because they fail is not in God’s nature, so why should we be like that?

What about someone who willfully clings to bad grains in their life even though they know the truth? If it were possible, they would drag their sin like baggage right into their faith with Christ, the very one who died to free them from it. It is as if they would like to have certain rooms in their Christian life where sin can remain to be guiltlessly indulged and enjoyed. They love their sin and refuse to part from it. There will be no small number who will attempt this folly.

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