Why Does The A Mere Christian Website Exist?

As you can see on the site home page, it is named after my book A Mere Christian. At the time I first posted this article, it was self-published and available in many online venues. Though I offer it here of course, the purpose of the web site is to share, teach, and encourage.

To that end, I publish articles primarily authored by myself. The content that I provide is free, though it is copyrighted. Even content that you need to register to download, such as my lesson notes, are available without charge. You are free to use that content to teach, but I kindly ask that you not republish it. Please feel free to link to it. There is good reason for this, but primarily it is for the accuracy of the content.

You see, I love to write. My writing is not about a revenue stream. It is about the quality of the writing. I reread my articles from time to time and make corrections or additions where so indicated for clarity or punctuation and spelling. Linking to my articles ensures that you are relaying current information. Accuracy is important to me.

How Do I Fund This Site?

A Mere Christian is a labor of love. I accept and post no ads. I own the hosting servers and bear the cost in time and money for the funding and maintenance of this site.

I endeavor to surround the art of writing with the beauty of a well-done web site. I manage and create most content, including images, myself. I do have some content from outside sources, such at the page ‘The Net.’ I am very picky about such outside content with regard to artistic and meaningfulness. Where other content is included from outside sources, I try to surround it with a beautiful layout.

Outside content is never intended to sell anyone anything of mine. Though I do have an online store setup, it is there for anyone who might be interested in the few books I author. To the date of this posting, I have sold nothing through this web site. Remember though, that A Mere Christian is not meant to be a store. It is meant to provide quality content as it pertains to mainstream Christianity. You can see and listen to my Statement of Faith for what I believe. The articles and free excerpts from my book should lead you to understand that Jesus Christ is my Savior, who loves me, and gives his salvation freely to me. It is to Jesus Christ, God my Heavenly Father, and the Holy Spirit that I belong. They are my most important critics. They are the ones that I seek to please, especially with this web site.

Can You Contribute Articles Or Other Content To A Mere Christian?

To date, I have not been asked that question, but I would be open to it with the proviso that all content must be screened and must line up with the Holy Bible which is my one, and only authoritative source.

Videos and other resources that you might like to suggest or include are also welcome with that same proviso. Any outside source of original content will also have the right to request removal of that content. I respect all such requests. Inclusion in A Mere Christian is not meant to usurp or trample any content provider’s copyright. I just will not do that.

To this end, I hope to provide an enjoyable, encouraging, and artistically beautiful web site. That gives me great satisfaction.

With warmest regards,

Ron Smith, MD

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