Reviewed by Lorrie on 6/2/2014 here and reprinted below.

24142869This little book written by Dr Ron Smith, “A Mere Christian”, reminiscent of C.S. Lewis’ “Mere Christianity”, is a lesson on Christianity – what it means to be a Christian and how the Church (Bride of Christ) is admonished to be prepared for the Second Coming of Jesus.

I was particularly interested in his commentary on God being outside of time and space as we know it. I don’t completely understand this concept, but God did not mean for us to understand everything this side of eternity. I also liked that he provided ample Scriptural references for cross-study with the Bible.

I found myself highlighting as I read. Topics include the Creation and the science behind Creation that requires a Creator, the Law of Human Nature, free will, the 7 deadly sins and the 4 cardinal virtues, and “believers as pretenders”.

The book can also be considered a condensed lesson in Christian Apologetics. Christians are told to contend for their faith and that requires Scriptural knowledge and study. Dr Smith provides the reader with a brief but good study in Theology that can better equip him to stand up for his faith in Christ.

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