This is not my first book. I’ve previously written two others actually. The first was about my daughter Laura. It is called Forever And A Day For Laura Michelle.┬áThe second book is The Pediatric Guide for Parents. I wrote this one to give parents a very detailed and informative book with the real meat of the kinds of things I talk about in the exam room.

A Mere Christian is different from either of these two works, but very much linked to them.

I’m now in my thirty-first year practicing Pediatrics. As you can imagine, the amount of experience and understanding that anyone would get simply doing anything that long would be tremendous. But my knowledge came with a price.

Our struggle with Laura’s very debilitating illness lasted twenty-four years. Stacy and I took care of her all that time. She slept with me at night so that I could watch for seizures and so Stacy could rest from caring for her during the day. She was always about the developmental age of three to six months. Stacy was strong, but I with all my knowledge felt horribly defeated. I couldn’t fix Laura.

After Laura passed on, I realized that many Christians get derailed by life. We certainly could have done. Both Stacy and I have been strong Christians since small children. After several months of spiritual refreshing, Stacy and I began to soldier on, taking account of the years of spiritual battles, including victories and trouncings.

We never wavered though in our faith. But we had seen many fall over the years.

A Mere Christian is truly written to give Christians the understanding that need. The powers and principalities of this world will consume us like food if we don’t attend to that. Satan is like a lion which means will will either be devoured or we will overcome. Coexistence is not an option.


Ron Smith, MD


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