Some very smart men have said,
“God is not with us… God is dead!”
Is that possibly true?
    If we think we know our ‘how,’ then how can there not be a ‘who?’


My heart feels something warm and pleasing,
    While my head screams ‘Listen to sound reasoning!”
Maybe God’s not dead, but only sleeping?
    But why would he, when all mankind is weeping?

Could that God, who holds all power,
    Not reach down in our desperate hour?
If there is a God who cares,
    Can’t he stop the suffering that mankind shares?

If God is real, then is he good,
    when he doesn’t give us what we think he should?
Can he possibly see,
    That all we really want is a lamp and a genie?

Who is this God anyway?
    Why does he just seem to keep us at bay?
Does he think he really cares?
    Why does it feel like all we get is his blank stares?

But then every time we get what we desire,
    Why does it feel like its not really ours?
There is this void inside our heart,
    For which nothing seems to fit the part.

All men come to their own end,
    Empty, wasted, with nothing left to spend.
Rest assured that God we will not mock,
    Steady is the ticking of our clock.

For us God does hear and rightly provide,
    Justice and mercy as Christ Jesus died.
We don’t need a genie or a lamp,
    No self-approved label or stamp.

He is ours, and his are we,
    And only our rejection can make that not be,
The solution for all life,
    The end of our strife.

Patient is our creator,
    Who bests that enemy, our hater.
He fills our void deep within our soul,
    He alone can make us whole.

But when us he completes,
    Do we just keep to our seats
Because we stopped right there,
    Timid and afraid about how to share?

Just people-watching we stare and never flinch
    From a comfortable sidewalk bench.
They walk right by,
    While we never think they might really die!

It is for lack of knowledge-
    (And no I don’t mean college)-
Both theirs and ours,
    That eternal death devours.

If we and they had a clue,
    What God did and will do,
Couldn’t we–wouldn’t we tell both friend and foe,
    Really all those we know.

Just how God makes sense,
    How his love is so intense.
His plan for us suddenly so clear
    Speaks life, and not death to all he holds dear.


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