Clinic Day 2 from Ron Smith on Vimeo.

This is a shameless plug especially for non-medical people to come help me for a week in Haiti on a medical mission trip, For each clinic there are generally 3-5 medical people seeing patients, For each clinician seeing patients there needs to be 3-5 non-medical people. So if there are 4 clinicians (nurses, nurse practitioners, physicians assistants, and physicians) seeing patients. So  the team needs to be about 25 to do one clinic and 45+ to do two.

When someone comes to the clinics, they get checked in by a translator and they get one of these symptom slips. Next their temps and blood pressure are taken and recorded and they proceed to see the clinician. Visits are in the neighborhood of about 5 to 7 minutes. Bear in mind that this is a field care clinic and there are limited resources that we can offer as you can see.


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