Reviewed by Mamta Madhavan on 5/26/2014 here and reprinted below.

A Mere Christian by Ron Smith MD is a book with a spiritually uplifting theme. The author has tried to reveal the mystery surrounding God and our beliefs in Him. The author shares what he has learned from Lewis, Chamblin, and others and tries to make God more accessible to people. This book reveals the greatness of God and the author also guides readers in knowing more about their spiritual anatomy and how it works for each of us. He reiterates the fact that God knows everything about each one of us. His closeness to the Church and utmost belief in Christianity form the theme of the book.

The book extensively covers details about God, His infinite power and His presence in our daily lives. The importance of Moral Law and how it works, and how God tries to communicate with us make for interesting topics. The interactions between the three major parts of our spiritual anatomy – body, soul and spirit – are covered in a pragmatic way which makes it easy for readers to digest. Learning about the seven deadly sins and the four cardinal virtues will help readers get their lives back on track. The quotes from the section of the Scriptures known as Beatitudes help in sizing up yourself and will help you in bettering yourself. The book will help you connect with God in a better way and will clear up a lot of doubts regarding God and His love towards us. A relevant concept looked at with a new approach that makes it a motivational read.

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